The ErgoMover is a good choice for lifting and transporting heavy loads. This electrically operated transport trolley is particularly well suited for handling bulky building materials during tough jobs on the construction site. We offer three variants of the ErgoMovers: ErgoMover 1500 Basic, ErgoMover 1500 Standard and ErgoMover Manipulator.



Our excellent range of lifting equipment enhance productivity and reduce risks in the workplace.

ErgoMover Basic

ErgoMover Standard

ErgoMover Manipulator


An electric trolley is a versatile machine that is equipped with a powerful electric motor. The ErgoMover 1500 is designed to transport and handle a full stacks of plasterboard and to transport all other building materials in spaces where it is not possible to use forklift truck or other machines.

  • Electrically operated transport trolleys are robust and extremely strong: heavy loads are no problem thanks to their immense load capacities.


  • They have solid tires: the tires are filled with PU foam, which enables working on difficult surfaces. Forget about flat tires!


  • Electrically operated transport trolleys are controlled from the drawbar: the machine can be easily controlled with one hand on the left or right of the drawbar. So you don’t have to change your work process.


  • The maximum travel speed is 4-6 km / h: fast enough to work efficiently and slow enough to keep up with the machine.


Before you rent or buy an electric trolley, you should make sure that you have chosen the right model.

 Electric trolleys are available in different versions. Which one is right for you depends on the task that needs to be done. The number of employees on your construction site plays an important role in the decision.

 When choosing an electric trolley, it is essential to pay attention to the type of loading area: there are trolleys with a fixed, non-moving loading area and trolleys with a hydraulically adjustable loading area. In the first variant, additional aids and possibly the help of several colleagues must be used. In the second variant, a push of a button is enough to bring the loading area to the required working height. This function greatly simplifies loading and unloading of work material.


There are also electric trolleys whose loading area is not only adjustable in height, but can also be tilted by 90 °. With this device, one man can do all the loading and transport work: All work steps can be carried out safely, comfortably and effortlessly on your own.


All of the above types of electric trolleys can be equipped with optional accessories or with special features. It is best to get advice on this.

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